Poptropica Creators

The Poptropica Creators blog is a wee mystery. Who the heck are the creators? Why I’m posting this is to celebrate the release of Poptropica Friends. You’ll now be able to have the creators as your friends!

NOTE: This section came from a page on Poptropica Help Blog.

Comic Kid

  • Real Name: Jeff Kinney
  • Job: Founder (virtual world designer/creator)
  • Poptropica account: ??? (Possibly Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead due to his similar Diary of a Wimpy Kid cartoon series.)
  • Contact: wimpykid@comcast.net
  • Evidence: On Jeff Kinney’s official WimpyKid.com website, he states on the Author Interview page that, “I work full-time as a virtual world designer, and I created Poptropica.com.” He also mentions being the founder of Poptropica at the back of his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Dr. Hare

Hazmat Hermit

  • Real name: Justin Lacy
  • Job: Poptropica Creator (exact status not known)
  • Poptropica account: JustinLacy
  • Contact: Unknown
  • Evidence: Searching “justinlacy” on the Poptropica Avatar Studio brings up a character with the name “Hazmat Hermit.”

Shark Boy

Fact Monster

Director D

  • Real name: James Lema
  • Job: Director of Product Development at Poptropica (present); Digital Design Manager (past)
  • Poptropica account: DirectorDcreator1
  • Contact: He has a profile on LinkedIn. Click here to visit it.
  • Evidence: According to Quiet Eagle, James Lema’s LinkedIn profile picture used to be one of Director D. (This was proven when searching “James Lema” on Google Images resulted in this picture of Director D, shown on the right, which was linked to LinkedIn.) Additionally, there is a post on the Boston PIB (Partners in Business) blog (which is related to Pearson, Poptropica’s company) in which ‘James Lema’ presented a graphic invitation to a ‘Poptropica Lunchtime Seminar.’

Black Widow

  • Real name: Jennifer Wood
  • Job: Managing Editor at Poptropica
  • Poptropica account: BlackWidowCreator (unconfirmed; assumed due to being the only known female Creator)
  • Contact: She has a profile on LinkedIn. Click here to visit it.
  • Evidence: There’s a profile on social networking site LinkedIn claiming that “Jennifer Wood” holds the position of Managing Editor at Poptropica.


Master Mime

  • Real name: Jon Pitcher
  • Job: Game Designer illustrator/animator for Poptropica
  • Poptropica account: not known
  • Contact: LinkedIn
  • Evidence: There’s a profile on social networking site LinkedIn from Jon Pitcher where he says, “I concept story ideas, animate characters, and illustrate environments for Poptropica.” You can refer to the screenshot below for proof. We know his alias is Master Mime because Jon’s LinkedIn profile picture depicts Master Mime, which makes sense since he’s an animator. :)


  • Real name: Tracey West
  • Job: Author of Poptropica’s The Official Guide book, writer of the Mythology Island script
  • Evidence: In the book Poptropica: The Official Guide, which she wrote, it says that Medusa from Mythology Island is also known as Tracey West (see image below). On page 116, “Medusa” says, “When I first learned about Greek Mythology in school, Athena was always my favorite goddess. I knew I had to make her a major character when I wrote the Mythology Island Script.

Other Creators…

Not much is known about these other Poptropica Creators, but they are listed with the tiny bit of info we have for your reference:

Real names

  • Christopher Barney, Game Engineer/Game Designer for Poptropica.com (LinkedIn)
  • Ashley Lange, Poptropica 2D game designer (LinkedIn)
  • Cara Campanelli, Poptropica Customer Support (LinkedIn)
  • Kevin McGrath – Used to work at Poptropica. “Conducted web and systems testing both on the user and back ends of the children’s Flash video game Poptropica.” (LinkedIn)
  • John “J.T.” Gallant, Poptropica.com Intern (LinkedIn)
  • Nate Tufts, Illustrator/Designer working for Poptropica (his blog)
  • Nasan Hardcastle, Designer & Illustrator for characters, environments, games, and toys on Poptropica (his blog) (LinkedIn)
  • Pamela Dixon, Poptropica license manager (Yahoo article)
  • Lisa Wolfe, L. Wolfe Communications for Poptropica, 773-227-1049, lwolfe@lwolfe.com (from Poptropica’s About Us page)


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