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Poptropolis Games to be Released on…

The Poptropolis Games release date is out! Poptropolis Games will be released on May 24th!

Poptropolis Games – the countdown is on!

We’re happy to announce that Poptropolis Games will be available to Poptropica Members next Thursday, May 24! You’ll be the first to choose your tribe and compete for glory.
Keep an eye on the Poptropica homepage for the second-by-second countdown.
avatar image SHARK BOY

Sadly, though, I will be on vacation at that time. And the even worse part, I won’t have internet access. So, I will make my goodbye post, then not post until June 14th.
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The Tribes of Poptropica

On Friday, the Creators posted a teaser for Poptropolis Games’ tribes. Captain Crawfish said that this week, he would post more of the tribal symbols and names. But, you must choose wisely, because your tribal color will fly on your Poptropica Friends profile. Understand? Now, let’s meet them all!

First up, GREEN!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Flying Squid

Last week we gave you a teaser image of some of the tribes of Poptropica. This week, we’ll introduce you properly. Without further ado, say hello to…

Flying Squid

This tribe hopes to have more than an inkling of victory in the Poptropolis Games.
We’ll unveil the rest of the tribes throughout the week!

Now, GOLD!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Seraphim

Continuing our look at the tribes of Poptropica, say hello to…


This tribe will rise and fall on the wings of their dreams. Maybe you can help them achieve such great heights!

 Now, BLACK!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Black Flags

The next Poptropica tribe is…

Black Flags

This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis — and we suspect they’ll stop at nothing to do it!

Now, PLUM!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nightcrawlers

Looking for the dirt on the next Poptropica tribe? Then you might be interested to meet…


The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but they’re used to being used as bait. Watch out they don’t hook you!

The fifth is RED!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nanobots

You might have to squint to see the next tribe. Introducing…


Proving that good things come in small packages, the Nanobots are programmed for victory. Will you help them execute the gold-medal download?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Yellowjackets

Our next tribe plans to swarm to the medal stand in the Poptropolis Games. Introducing..


Usually when you call somebody “yellow,” you’re calling them a scaredy cat, but this tribe takes it as a compliment. When you see yellow, you’d better run!

Now, the DARK BLUEteam, the…

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Pathfinders

Feeling lost? Then we have the tribe for you!


There’s only one route to the gold medal, and this tribe thinks they know which way to go. Maybe you’ll help them get there!

Finally, without further hestitance, WILDFIRE!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Wildfire

Our eighth and final tribe may be the hottest of them all.


Winning a competition as tough as the Poptropolis Games takes more than talent. It takes a burning desire to win. Do you have the fiery passion to join the Wildfire?
Now that you’ve seen all the tribes in Poptropica, which one do you think you’ll join? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

Okay, not OUR sidebar, but the one on the Poptropica Creators Blog! Vote NOW!

A Very Busy Week

Good Morning, everyone! Sorry I didn’t post last week, but my home’s internet reception was very spotty. Anyway, Poptropica Friends got out of the hospital!

Monday, May 7, 2012

We’re back up!

Just in time for the week to begin, all of the Poptropica Friends features are back up and running! Sorry about that, folks. We’ve got our team of trained monkeys working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
avatar image DIRECTOR D.
Does Poptropica really have ‘trained monkeys’?
Anyway, Poptropolis Games is aparently right around the corner! That’s why, it was this weeks circle of attention!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is this burning an eternal flame?

Well, probably not. It’s hard for a flame to burn at the bottom of the ocean. But when the city of Poptropolis re-surfaces every 100 years, the ceremonial torch burns for as long as the competitive fires do!

I feel scared to even go to Poptropolis Games, let alone watch it. Anyway, this next Poptropica Creators Blog post has more… what’s the word… aahh, friendliness.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

These friends of mine

I’ve been having a blast making new friends on Poptropica. I wanted to introduce you to a cool person I’m following

Tiny Crush has an awesome outfit, has never cheated on a test, and has completed 25 Poptropica Islands! (Not Vampire’s Curse, though — what’s up with that?)
It’s great to know Tiny Crush, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else he gets up to in Poptropica. Maybe you can meet Tiny Crush, or even the Poptropica Creators, by visiting the common rooms on Poptropica. No matter who is there, we guarantee you’ll be making some new friends!

Congrats to Tiny Crush! You made it on a Poptropica Creators Blog post!
*555-6789* *Hi, yes, I’m Magic Onion, and I was wondering if I could schedule a parade for Tiny Crush?* *blah, blah, blah* *WHAT! 4 MILLION CREDITS?!?!?!? Okay, Goodbye!*
Anywho, Black Widow released the Poptropolis Games Members-Only Pack, and, the rest is currently a secret.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New in the Poptropica Store

We have a few new things to share this week in the Poptropica Store. First, Poptropica Members can now get their exclusive Poptropolis Games gear!

These Member-only items include a snazzy Wrestling Singlet costume, a handheld Discus that you can throw around the screen, and the incredible Plant-a-Statue power, which lets you bring a little bit of the Poptropolis Games to any Island in Poptropica.
But that’s not all! There’s also a new costume in the store, available to everyone with Membership or credits.

Now, if somebody calls you a big baby, you can tell them they’re right, and throw a fit to prove it.
avatar image BLACK WIDOW

I have the Baby Boy costume, and if you want proof, friend me! (username: olds01)
Finally, for Poptropolis Friends, you have to pick a competitive tribe. That tribe has unique colors as well. But, the tribe you choose will be presented on your Profile!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The tribes of Poptropica

Choosing your tribe in Poptropolis Games is no small decision. You’ll fly your tribe’s colors both in the game, and on your personality profile. Here’s your first look at a few of the tribal logos.

Pretty nice, eh? That’s only half of them. There are still four more to be revealed!
Over the next several week we’ll be bringing you even more information about Poptropolis Games, including all of the tribal names and icons!

Well, goodbye, and wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

New Poptropolis Games Details

Earlier today, the Creators released more details about Poptropolis Games… and they even released the Info page!

First, the post

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More details about Poptropolis Games!

Yesterday, we showed you the trailer for the next Poptropica Island, Poptropolis Games. Now, we’ve got even more details!
The city of Poptropolis rises from the sea once every 100 years to host a tournament devoted to proving tribal supremacy. In Poptropolis Games, you’ll choose a tribe to represent, and compete in several track and field events in pursuit of the championship. It won’t be easy!
Visit the Poptropolis Games info page for even more information, and to download a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster!

The island description… again.
Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?
The 4th island in a row with a Members-Only quest!
Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing the Poptropolis Games. An ancient warrior has returned to Poptropolis to reclaim the championship for himself. Prepare to battle the toughest competitor in the history of the Poptropolis Games! Not a Member? Find out how to get Membership now!
Members-Only Gear Pack!
Members Only ItemsMembers get an additional Poptropolis Games gear pack, which includes Wrestling Singlet costume, Plant-a-Statue power, and Discus item. The Wrestling Singlet is ONLY available during Early Access!

This island has an Olympic-themed era, celebrating the 2012 Summer Olympics, and Atlantis, which I have absolutely no clue how that mixes in, exept that is a mythical, underwater city.

This Just In…

Remember those Greek-looking Olympic-themed Daily Pops? Well, the story behind those has been released!!!


FACT: It is the second time an island has ever had a noticable part of Poptropica in it. The first was Early Poptropica.

FACT: This is the second island in a row to not have “Island” at the end.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

We’re pleased to announce the next Poptropica Island: Poptropolis Games!

We’ll have much more information about Poptropolis Games soon!

We will keep you up-to-date with all Poptropolis Games news right here!
Thoughts of Magic Onion:
“I knew from the looks of the Daily Pop art that the new island would have something to do with Greek Mythology and the Summer 2012 Olympic Games (held in London). Personnaly, though, I was expecting news about Poptropica Friends. But, that can wait.”
Soon, we will showcase the Daily Pop art of this website. But, has anyone noticed the island after this will have to do with space, considering the Daily Pop?
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